Self-Loading Cargo Receives version 1.6 update

Popular cabin interaction app Self-Loading Cargo has been updated to version 1.6 or what Lanilogic Technologies is calling "The Interactivity Update". The update comes nearly 3 years after the last update which was released in August of 2020.

Self-Loading Cargo aims to add another layer of realism for users who are looking for a more airline-focused experience in their chosen simulator. The name is based on what some pilots jokingly give their passengers. The app was extremely popular when it was first released in August of 2019 and received many updates during its first year of release. Lanilogic stated the reason for the lack of updates or announcements in the last three years is due to personal reasons and was very apologetic while promising to have more open communication about updates to his product moving forward. 

Version 1.6 brings a ton of new features including voice commands and ground crew simulation. The ground crew integration includes interaction at both departure and arrival airports, a completely regionalized sound pack, and a completely integrated pushback system that includes support for both 'hotel' and single-engine taxi modes. Ground crew interactions can be initiated by either voice commands or through the updated UI.

Along with the update, many existing features have also been updated including a complete rework of the pilot scoring and passenger satisfaction systems. The developer states that now instead of passenger satisfaction being rated by a simple percentage, you'll receive updates both in real-time and as an overall opinion of the flight based on things like the smoothness of the flight as well as the timing of announcements. Additionally, both the flight crew and cabin sound packs have been completely reworked to include new sounds as well as the ability to use different languages.

The update also comes with a small price increase from £12.99 to £16.99. The developer states the price increase is the result of rising operational costs as well as the added functionality of the software. This price increase is only applicable to new purchases though and customers with existing licences are free to download version 1.6 without any additional costs. 

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