TFDi Design Announces smartCARS 2 and PACX Compatibility with MSFS

August 16, 2020

Intersim developer TFDi Design has announced that smartCARS 2 and PACX, two of their popular plugins, will be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on launch day.

According to the developer, the “results [of the test flight] were staggeringly positive.”.

“All variables that our application reads to and from are all working and being recorded inside of smartCARS and shown in the flight log. PACX was also able to correctly identify the stages of flight, and all announcements were spoken at the correct time.” TFDi Design also states in their original post.

TFDi Design also stated that whilst most features work without problems, the flight pausing system included with smartCARS Premium would pause the flight, and you would not be able to unpause it again without disabling the feature. The developer has said that they are working on a fix for this, but in the meantime users should disable this feature.

At this time, TFDi Designs have said that they will not be porting their 717 to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator for the foreseeable future.
Purchase smartCARS here, and PACX here. You can find more details on TFDi Design’s original post.

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