Stairport Sceneries Release Zagreb For X-Plane

July 9, 2021

Following the announcement of development at the start of June, Stairport Sceneries have released Zagreb for X-Plane. The airport located in the capital of Croatia is named “Franjo Tuđman”, after the country’s first president.

Stairport Sceneries, being the developers of the SAM plugin, have utilised it to the max. The scenery includes Custom animated jetways, Custom VDGS system, Animated radars, Custom AirportVehicles textures, All seasons implemented and Custom FollowMe vehicles. 

With Zagreb being Stairport Sceneries 3rd X-Plane product this year, following Split and Airport Istanbul, it will be interesting to see what area of the world they delve into next to provide high detail sceneries. 

Stairport Sceneries also provided a feature list of everything they have included in their rendition of Zagreb:

  • "Franjo Tuđman Airport" (LDZA) with all the buildings and service facilities, translucent detailed new terminal buildings with interior designs, a complete military area with hangars and buildings as well as TV tower "Sljeme" and old ruins of "Medvedgrad" are included
  • Custom orthophoto covers airport and surroundings
  • Detailed ground markings based on recent charts of parking stands and new taxiway layouts including recent changes of taxiway layout
  • Custom taxiway signage
  • Custom HDR lighting
  • Complete PBR + normal texturing of all objects and ground
  • Most models and textures based on photos taken at the airport
  • Custom static aircraft and vehicles
  • Customized road networks and autogen
  • Including patch for optimized X-Europe integration
  • Full SAM compatibility (SAM Plugin required)
  • Custom animated jetways
  • Custom VDGS system
  • Animated radars
  • Custom AirportVehicles textures
  • All seasons implemented
  • Custom FollowMe vehicle

Airport Zagreb can be purchased from the Areosoft Store for €18.25.
Big thanks to aquarius_VI for tipping us off to this release in the Threshold Discord Server.

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