Stairport Sceneries Release Airport Kassel for X-Plane

September 9, 2021

Opened in 2013 the small airport, located in central Germany, has served the city of Kessel well, with Sundair offering flights to the Balearics and Greek islands. Although being a reasonably small airport, Stairport Sceneries have not gone short in features, whether that’s custom airport vehicles or HD hand-placed vegetation, the airport has been brought to life with perfection. 

The airport offers pilots a challenge when landing as the runway has been placed with an incline from one end. With the Help of Maps2Xplane Stairport were able to model this incline with Custom Mesh for the whole airport and bring that challenge into the simulator. With full SAM compatibility, we can expect Custom Marshallers on each stand as well as Seasonal Textures, adding snow formations in the winter and stunning green grass in the summer. 

Stairport Sceneries have also included a Feature list:

  • Detailed replica of the airport of Kassel-Calden
  • Custom coloured orthophoto for the airport
  • Custom Mesh by Maps2Xplane incl. Ortho4XP patch
  • PBR ground textures
  • Realistic HDR lighting
  • HD hand-placed vegetation
  • Adapted roads and autogen
  • Custom AirportVehicles
  • Custom animated approach lights
  • Custom static aircrafts
  • Full SAM compatibility
  • Marshaller
  • Season

Stairport Sceneries Kessel can be purchased from the Areosoft Store for €14.95 Incl VAT

Big thanks to aquarius_VI for tipping us off on this release in the Threshold Discord Server

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