Supercritical Simulation Group Updates E-Jets for X-Plane 11

April 24, 2021

The Supercritical Simulation Group’s (SSG) E-Jet Evolution Series, for X-Plane 11, has been updated to version 1.6. This update improves performance, flight model and adds various fixes.

“This new version 1.6 has drastically improved FPS, especially when using Vulkan/Metal, although it is also compatible with OpenGL” the team adds. “Both the E170 and E195 models now have a more fluid flight model that makes the experience of flying them feel completely new”.

The update’s changelog is as shown below:

  • Newer SASL3 plugin now implemented 
  • Improved FPS with Metal/Vulkan enabled
  • Improved MCP manipulators
  • Improved VR configuration
  • New terrain map for the ND
  • Removed incompatible features like loading FMS Plan and pushback truck object.
  • Fixed engine TO flex temperature
  • Fixed crash issue with ND range selection

Current owners can update their aircraft by completely reinstalling it. SSG also stresses that this update can’t be done through the Skunkcrafts updater. 

SSG’s E-Jets are available on the X-Plane Store for $64.95 which is on sale for $34.95 for a limited time.

Thanks to CloutComputer for tipping us off regarding this update on the Threshold Discord Server.

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