Stairport and ShortFinal Design Release SAM AirportVehicles XP

September 29, 2020

Stairport is continuing to expand their Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) library with the introduction of AirportVehicles XP.

Developed in tandem with ShortFinal Design, known for his freeware and payware renditions of major international airports, AirportVehicles is designed to replace default airport vehicles with thirty new ones.

They are designed for airports in North America, Europe and Asia. North American assets are used everywhere else.

The exact features listed on the product page on the Aerosoft store are:

  • Worldwide replacement for default static and animated airport vehicles
  • 3 high definition vehicle sets: North America, Europe and Asia
  • Full use of PBR texturing for the best visual experience
  • Regional system applies vehicles depending on each airport in real-time
  • Create custom vehicle paints and add it to any airport
  • Add custom vehicle objects to any scenery package

The addon is available to buy from Aerosoft’s store for €18.10 (incl. 20% VAT) or US $21.59.

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