Stairport Sceneries Teases Kassel Airport for X-Plane

August 26, 2021

Earlier this week, scenery developer Stairport has announced its newest product for X-Plane 11: Airport Kassel XP. Quietly announced on the Aerosoft forums, the airport will feature custom ortho and mesh, PBR textures, and realistic HDR lighting. 

According to the post on Aerosoft’s forum, the airport will be an accurate replica of its real world counterpart, featuring custom terrain mesh from their continued partnership with Maps2Xplane, high quality textures, realistic lighting, hand placed vegetation, custom static aircrafts, and full SAM compatibility. The full list of features can be viewed here.

Kassel Airport, located 16.7km outside of Calden, is a small international airport that primarily serves the city of Kassel, Germany. As of 2020, the airport is mainly used for general aviation and business travel.

Currently, the developers have provided no information on the airport’s pricing or release date. Threshold will keep you updated on this front.

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