Sierrasim Releases Palonegro International Airport (SKBG) for MSFS

October 17, 2020

Sierrasim’s latest product for Microsoft Flight Simulator was released a couple of days ago.

SKBG Palonegro International Airport MSFS is situated in Palonegro in Colombia and has held international status for more than a decade.

Frequent airlines include Avianca, LATAM Colombia, Viva Colombia, and EasyFly to make the airport the eight-busiest in the country.

Sierrasim’s rendition includes photorealistic ground textures from aerial images, PBR textures and airport objects.

They claim the airport has been optimised for good performance and includes night lighting and a sloped runway.

Along with their other products for MSFS, SKBG can be purchased from the developer’s website for either COP $40,000 or US $13.90.

Sierrasim is available to follow on Facebook.

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