Skyline Simulations Launches Dash 8 Webpage With New Previews

November 12, 2020

A few days ago, Skyline Simulations published a new webpage containing new previews and information surrounding their Dash 8 project.

Skyline primarily busies themselves in the scenery sector of development, though their move into aircraft development is somewhat old news now.

In fact, their Dash 8 project for X-Plane 11 was announced more than two years ago, but the team has persisted to make the Q100, Q200 and Q300 a reality in the simulator.

On this new webpage, Skyline describes the progress as “smooth” with regards to artistic modelling and painting of the aircraft.

Additionally, the developer has included simple indicators to show where they are in specific areas.

It can be seen that the 3D modelling is nearly completed and the paint is about 30% done.

Another metric, abbreviated “Prog” which presumably stands for overall progress, is ticking over the one-third marker as of time of writing.

The last major development published surrounding this project came in January of this year when Skyline Simulations showed off the completed 3D modelling of the cockpit.

More recently, however, Gibraltar became their latest product when it was released in September.

The project took around eighteen months to see through and – because large aircraft have more complicated and advanced systems – the Dash 8 is unlikely to be available to users anytime soon.

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