Stairport / Aerosoft Preview Chania (LSGA)

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Development team Stairport has released new preview pictures of Chania Airport (LSGA). Heinz Flichtbeil, developer, posted the following screenshots over on the Aerosoft Forum earlier today, giving us an idea of the airport and the surrounding area.

The current pictures are from the beta version, where you can already see the terminal 1, the runway and some static aircraft. Besides from the airport, there is hand-placed vegetation scattered in the surrounding area. 

Chania Airport (LSGA) was used to operate the space shuttle. It’s located near the city centre of Chania and it’s the biggest commercial airport on the island of Crete, located in Greece. The airport has one runway with a size of 3347 m × 45 m and is equipped with one terminal which is used by around 3,042,409 passengers every year. 

In November 2014, Fraport was awarded the contract to operate the airport for 40 years and prevailed against other bidders.

Read the original announcement of Chania Airport on Aerosoft’s Forum here

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