Stairport Sceneries Announces New Ground Service Plugin

Scenery developer Stairport Sceneries has announced their new SAM extension: SAM GroundService. The extension will feature ground vehicles to enhance users’ experience at airport gates. GroundService will be available for use at all airports and is compatible with SAM’s current jetways plugins .

Whilst Stairport Sceneries hasn’t posted an official feature list yet, they did provide insight as to what features users can expect once the product releases:

  • Custom animated ground service vehicles
  • Usable at all airports
  • Is compatible with SAM’s current jetway plugins including WorldJetways
  • Vehicles include extended driving logic for more accurate ground operations
  • Vehicles will have authority over aircraft doors to automate the ground processes as much as possible
  • A proper UI will set up all loading services
  • Simbrief payloads can be imported
  • Loading will influence aircraft weight in real time (though, instant loading will be available for users as well)

SAM GroundService is still in early development, as the developer admits that they’ve only implemented the first set of vehicles into the simulator. Stairport Sceneries is partnering with ShortFinal Design to develop more regional vehicle sets and configure all aircraft for use. 

Stairport Sceneries' SAM GroundService doesn’t have a set release date yet, but the team has exclaimed that they will keep the community updated as they continue development. Stay tuned with Threshold for future GroundService updates.

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