Stick and Rudder Studios Release X-Camera v2.4

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

In an Forum post, the developer Markcellis has announced the release of version 2.4 of their addon X-Camera, an advanced view plugin for X-Plane 11. 

The new update provides a completely new User Interface and general improvements. The full changelog can be found down below. Additionally, the New TCAS API of X-Plane 11.50 is now supported. Other improvements and changes were done by Stick and Rudder Studios.

  • New User Interface
  • Drag-Drop Camera and Category Ordering
  • Supports the Ability to Pop-Out the Control Panel and Mini-Control Panel to Top-Level OS Windows
  • Colour-coded Mini-Control Panel
  • Right Click Mouse-Look Support
  • Wheel Zoom Disable by Camera
  • Circle Camera
  • AGL Camera
  • Improved Airport Camera Support
  • Enhanced Support for Lua Script Special Effects
  • AI Perspective Support for the new X-Plane 11.5 TCAS API

The full changelog with all the features can be found on the developer’s website, where the manual for X-Camera and other information such as tutorials and other helpful information can be found. The plugin costs $15.00 and can be purchased at the Store.

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