SimToolkitPro Updated to v0.2.9

Keizo Ono
Saturday, July 27, 2019

SimToolkitPro, the free utility suite for X-Plane and Prepar3D has been updated to v0.2.9. The update, announced via the blog, contains many changes ranging from small fixes to big new features such as a navdata system.

New additions in v0.2.9 include:

  • Navdata System - Now contains a fully fledged navdata system that can be updated by Navigraph
  • Taxiway Helper - When connected to the simulator and zoomed in on the live map you can view all stands, taxiways and runways for the sim version of the airport. You can also create a custom taxi route by clicking "Add waypoints" and clicking on the map.
  • VATSIM/IVAO ATC - The live map now displays VATSIM/IVAO controllers as a toggle-able layer. Currently only airport based controllers are covered and sector and centres are absent. This will be added in a future patch!
  • Dark Mode - Can be toggled in the settings page
  • ETE Calculation - This is a test module for a new method of calculating ETE for use in the streaming overlay, but works as a good estimate for flight length when using SimToolkitPro's plan viewer to view and adjust your flight.
  • Flight Summary Page - Get all the information you need about your flight, with a scratchpad for ATC notes. SimBrief OFP, routing, departure and destination METAR and TAFs, all in one place.
  • New Installer - Not super big news but the new installer is no longer a "one-click" installer, but you can now customise the install location
  • Networking Changes - All the features mentioned will work with SimToolkitPro on a networked device other than the one running the simulator.

According to the blog post, the next version of SimToolkitPro will feature improved integration the Simbrief dispatch system, more ATC coverage on the live map, as well as more new unannounced tools.

To view the original announcement by SimToolkitPro, click here.

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