Imminent: Flight Factor B767 Extended

Alex John
Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It has been well-known that Flight Factor and StepToSky have been busying themselves with a major update to their 767, and details of its features have been published! We recently reported on the 767 entering beta testing, and it's safe to say it's been worth the wait.

First of all, there will be three variants, with different engine options for each:

  • 767-200ER with Pratt & Witney and General Electric engines
  • 767-300ER with Pratt & Witney, Rolls Royce and General Electric engines
  • 767-F with Pratt & Witney, Rolls Royce and General Electric engines

Here are images of all three engines on the 767-F in action:

(Left to right:) Rolls Royce, Pratt & Witney, General Electric engines

The cabin, similar to the 757, has been completely rebuilt, and the -F also has a well-modelled cargo deck:

Now into the cockpit, which has again had a major revamp. For the -200ER and -300ER, there is not much difference between the two:

The -F differs by having three additional seats in the back of the cockpit (for the master of the cargo and sometimes technicians) and being much more spacious:

The EFB will be available to use in all three versions, which itself has had upgrades in many ways. To start, the configuration has been re-organised into a more friendly view:

Custom failures can now be selected through the failures section of the EFB!

The checklist has now been put into the EFB, and can automatically cross items off if desired:

Additionally, the EFB can now be rotated into portrait mode and supports charts from Navigraph:

Full details and screenshots of the features in the 767 Extended package can be found in the announcement and in StepToSky's blog post. No price or release date was announced, but the 767 was said to be "finally ready".

Note that many of the images featured in this article may differ from the final version.

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