Major Software Upgrades Coming to IVAO

Alex John
Saturday, August 31, 2019

The major online flight simulation network IVAO has announced large changes coming to their software.

Through their Virtual Sky website, details of new pilot and ATC clients were given, as well as other details about changes to the network.

IVAO said they were unable to access the source code of its network (known as FSD), IVAC (the ATC client), or IVAP (the pilot client) because the software is not copyrighted by them. However, IVAO has conjured a new IT strategy that allows them to make significant updates to their software.

Through "tremendous amounts" of research and sharing details across the software, major progress has been made on the server, pilot and ATC sides of IVAO.

The first of three projects listed was the development of a new network, SHARD servers. This allowed them to develop the software that follows.

For pilots, a new pilot client has entered the alpha phase of testing with staff. Some challenges that were faced include multiple simulators, operating systems, and other components such as CSL. It is hoped the team can release a beta testing phase "in the near future."

Some screenshots of the new software for pilots is shown above and below:

For controllers, screenshots of the controlling client were left to do talking:

The post ended with a thank you to its developers: "On a final note, we would like to extend our gratitude towards our outstanding software developers in DEVOPs, for their support and dedication, and especially for volunteering their time to keep IVAO thriving."

For additional screenshots and to read the blog entry in full, see the source post here.

Many thanks to RRTN in our Discord server for hitting us up with the news!

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