SimWork Studios Publishes 2022 RoadMap for MSFS Products

January 10, 2022

Earlier this week, SimWork Studios published its roadmap for the new year. In the press release, the developers outlined four points that they will work toward in 2022, aiming to bring both new products and an improved user experience to the Microsoft Flight Simulator community.

First, SimWork Studios stated that their priority for 2022 is to fix and polish their website. The current website, according to the developers, has already been stretched beyond its limit by more than five times after the release of its latest aircraft. Without improving the website, they will no longer be able to bring new updates to any of their products. The team has decided to migrate the website to a new server, a task they are attempting to complete within the month.

Second, the developers addressed the progress of their upcoming product - the RV-14 aircraft. According to the post, the “art side” of the plane has already been completed and the team is working on the coding, the sound, and the flight dynamics. The development is nearing completion and SimWork Studios is currently aiming for a February release. Furthermore, the developers are also planning to release the RV-10 later this year as well as the RV-7/RV-8 “in late 2022 or early 2023”.

Third, SimWork Studios provided an update on its Kodiak aircraft, stating that the flight dynamics of the plane “is progressing well and the wheeled variant is being touched up too". Additionally, the gear warning lights and hydroplaning sounds are also being reworked to as well. Currently, both variants were planned to be updated in parallel by February.

Finally, the developers touched upon their newest project, the Pilatus PC-12. The studio has recently received licensing from the aircraft manufacturer and is planning to release two variants of the aircraft. The PC-12/47 variant will be released around mid-2022 while the second variant, the PC-12NG, will be released in 2023 and will feature "a fully-fledged custom glass cockpit".

Apart from the road map, the SimWork Studios also hinted that more aircraft will soon be developed, though their names will not be revealed just yet. Threshold will keep you updated on this front. For the full roadmap, please check out SimWork Studio's Discord.

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