SimWorks Studio Details Kodiak Release Information

November 28, 2021

For the nimble utility aircraft simmer in MSFS, Christmas is coming early in the form of a new aircraft release from SimWorksStudios, who has finally revealed their release window for their upcoming Daher Kodiak, unveiled a few months back.

“So, it's time!”

On their Facebook post, the developers explained that if everything goes to plan, the aircraft will see itself available for customers on the 17th of December. As noted in their previous update, the Kodiak will be available on multiple storefronts including their own SWS, as well as third party marketplaces like Orbx, and SimMarket. For console simmers, the aircraft will also be available on the in-sim marketplace.

Pricing is also confirmed with the Kodiak pitched at 29.99€ on their own store, with the pricing slightly raised for 3rd party stores. The wheeled variant will first be released, followed by the amphibian version. The team is currently putting the final touches on the visuals and are fine tuning the flightmodel and systems, it won’t be part of the 29.99€ however, as it will be an extension that costs 14.99€ on their store.

With the development of the standard Kodiak wrapping up, the team has moved onto writing the documentation for the aircraft, essentially confirming the aircraft’s completion.

As for Working Title’s G1000 NXi support, the team confirmed that the plane will support it, though the aircraft is made to prioritise supporting the default G1000 due to logistical challenges in adapting the aircraft to follow the NXi’s rapid development (frequently updated in contrast to seasonal simulator updates). It being a mod also means that it can potentially break with every sim update, hence support for the instrument will be done to the best of the team’s ability, but they can’t promise a stable experience.

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