Thranda Releases Free Expansion Pack for C208 Grand Caravan

August 4, 2022

Last week, developer Thranda announced via the X-Plane forum the release of a new expansion pack for its C208 and C208B Grand Caravan. The best part: this pack is completely free and can be downloaded from the store! The feedback on the forum is very positive. Users seem to be delighted with this free and well-developed initiative.

But what exactly does this pack contain? First of all a seaplane version of the Grand Caravan equipped with floats.

For the landplane version, the pack offers tundra tires and mud flaps, enabling operations in rough terrains.

The package also offers changes to the interior of the aircraft such as an integrated G1000. The seats will also be removable via presets, allowing the aircraft to serve either as a passenger or cargo plane. These features will be available for both the amphibious and landplane models.

Currently, users who already purchased the plane can download the expansion pack together with the new version. Those who are looking to pick up the aircraft can purchase it on the store for $44.95,

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