ToLiss Announces A320 NEO as the Next Product for X-Plane

January 11, 2023

Earlier this week, developer ToLiss announced the A320 NEO as their next product for X-Plane. The aircraft will mark yet another addition to the already impressive ToLiss Airbus fleet that includes the A319, A321, and A340.

From the teaser picture that accompanied the announcement, it can be seen that the exterior modeling of the aircraft has already been completed, including the brand new engines that distinguishes the NEO from the other A320 variants.

ToLiss has only released limited information regarding the NEO. Therefore, it is unclear whether the A320 NEO will receive a cockpit completely modeled from the ground up or one that’s derived from that of the A321 and A319. It is also not known if Tolise’s NEO will feature both the CFM Leap and the PW1000G engine options.

Currently, a firm release date is yet to be disclosed but the A320 is expected to come out sometime in March of this year. Threshold will keep you updated on this front.

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