FlightFactor Tweets New 777v2 Update

October 9, 2021

FlightFactor has taken to their social media pages and has teased more of their upcoming Boeing 777v2 aircraft after about half a month of tight-lipped silence from FlightFactor since FSExpo back in late September. The screenshots that FlightFactor posted showcases the 3D cockpit during the day and night.

The 777 is a wide-body aircraft manufactured and sold by Boeing, being one of the most sold wide-body aircraft. The original 777 is FlightFactor’s first product, released for X-Plane 9 (around the introduction of X-Plane 10). The subsequent reauthoring of the add-on for X-Plane 11 leaves much to be desired for the decade-old plane, which the team finally got around to producing an entirely new successor add-on. The lead developer, Roman Berezin (Ramzzess), has recently acquired type-rated for the 777 and officially mentioned a brand new 777 product in August of this year. 

Before the official announcement of 777v2, there was rampant speculation and discussion around the redevelopment for a new 777 simulation. Though FlightFactor has informally expressed interest in developing a v2, no concrete information was shared from the development team until recently; these teasers are subject to change as much of the plane is still a work in progress.

Needless to say, the aircraft appears to remain in early development; FlightFactor has not specified any release date for the new version nor a set price point, though the screenshots and the numerous snippets of the cockpit display suggests that full steam is ahead for the project. If you have any questions regarding the projectt, you can check out FlightFactor’s FAQ page that they've set up. If you are interested in purchasing any of FlightFactor’s products, you can check them out at the .Org Store. You can also check out FlightFactor’s Discord for all live updates to all of their products.

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