TAF Studio Previews Hayfork Airport for MSFS

TAF Studio has teased their newest scenery for MSFS - Hayfork Airport (F62). Located in a mountain valley in Northern California, Hayfork Airport is a small airfield with a long runway (4100 ft) for its size.

This scenery will feature some interesting additions, such as a modelled race track made for offroad vehicles and roads with signs leading up to Hayfork’s Bally lookout!

Aside from the automotive part of the scenery, two bush spots with three runways are also featured in Hayfork scenery. With an elevation of 6250ft and a length of only 295ft, serious STOL skills are required to land successfully.

Another bush spot, located a couple of miles to the east of Hayfork’s Bally, has an even more challenging runway! Only 250ft of the runway on an uphill cliff, without an option for a go-around.

Key features of Hayfork California are F62 Hayfork Airport, 2 bush spots with 3 runways, functional hangar doors at Hayfork Airport, custom charts for Hayfork Airport and Hayfork Bally Bushstrip, tiedown points at Hayfork Airport, Mountain Valley Raceway, Custom 3D buildings, and custom trees and vegetation.

The release date and price of this scenery haven’t been announced as of the time of writing, however, as always, Threshold will keep you updated!

Stay tuned to Threshold for more flight sim news!

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