HotStart TBM 900 Updated to 1.1.6

Garrett Yalch
Saturday, March 9, 2019

HotStart has just released another update for their extremely popular TBM-900. This update is relatively large with new improvements to the TBM’s rain effects, ground handling, systems, and performance.

Improvements & New Features

- Implemented new LOC guidance code to work around the need to set CDI to front course
- Implemented YD phaseout with airspeed
- Added multi-threaded rendering support for synthetic vision. SYN VIS should now be much cheaper on performance
- New rain effects using async compute. Available only on Windows & Linux. Mac gets the old rain effect
- Implemented the "Vertical track" audio message
- Made SYN VIS horizon headings more readable by adding darker outline
- Redesigned steering force control logic to better handle centering forces

Bug Fixes

- Steering had a confusing delay on it, which made for difficult directional control
- Turning on NAV or STROBE lights should disable red wingtip beacons
- Overspeed should come on at 269 KIAS and turn off at 268 KIAS
- Reverse numbers should be 27-35 trq, 1850 rpm, Ng 85%
- Gear manual extension rates were incorrect
- WXR-related crash during resumption of previously interrupted flight
- "FMS LFE" should be automatic upon FPL entry on the ground
- Pushing Go-Around should put the HSI back into GPS mode
- Replaced aural_warn_test and gear_warn recordings with cleaner samples
- Implemented OVERSPEED aural message
- Force the avionics_on dataref to 1
- When we had the A/P override set, unset it if the CDI mode changes
- SYN VIS north horizon heading should be 360 and sub-100 headings shouldn't have a leading '0'
- SYN VIS airport loading could fail sporadically, resulting in missing runways
- SYN VIS old method of computing airport label placement was broken
- AIRAC cycle 1904 was mislabeled as 1304
Make sure GL_BLEND is enabled, because in X-Plane windowing context it sometimes isn't.
Bezel drawing didn't work in popped-out windows due to X-Plane swapping in a different OpenGL context.
X-Plane 11.32r2 seems to have broken our Vertex Array Object processing, so we have to work around that.

Hotstart has continued to impress us with their TBM 900 and will most likely continue to do so into the future so be sure to stay tuned for more on the TBM and other projects alike.

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