Hotstart TBM 900 Updated to v1.1.9

Friday, April 26, 2019

Hotstart has released the latest update to their TBM 900. Announced via the Hotstart Discord, the update includes a few notable new features including a new ground steering model, additional sounds and more features to the economy system.

Improvements / New Features:

  • New ground steering model to put an end to the unstable takeoffs & landings.
  • Implemented GPU rental costs.
  • Added hand-towing option to the sidebar drawer.
  • XP11.30 engine changes during startup to produce a lower startup ITT spike.
  • Added inertial separator transition sounds.
  • Pressing TIMER on the yoke automatically brings up the TMR/REF page.
  • AviTab support integrated into yoke-mounted tablet.
  • Tablet now stows in the door pocket. You can still use the USB ports to summon it, but this will be removed in a future update.
  • Reworked pressurization schedule. The system will now gradually change the cabin pressure target as we are nearing the destination, instead of going to it immediately on takeoff.
  • Pressurization won't fling open the OFV fully on landing, but modulate until equalization has been achieved.
  • Corrected high-altitude performance to be within +-2 knots of POH tablets.
  • Implemented configuration-dependent KIAS errors to match POH values.
  • Implemented sidebar drawer smooth animation.
  • AOA sensor failure separated out from AHRS and now individually settable in "Edit Failures" window.
  • Visual configurations window now includes option to use older custom heatblur effect.
  • Expired databases show in amber on MFD splash screen.
  • Replaced G1000 manual link with one for the TBM850 & TBM900.


  • Battery recharge button in maintenance manager was incorrectly disabled.
  • Restructured battery voltage drop with load to give more realistic red battery voltage indications during start.
  • Fixed CAS message pixel alignment issues.
  • GPH indication on EICAS should properly respond when moving into or out of CUTOFF.
  • Electronic checklist was asking for "FUEL SEL" to OFF in a few places, when it should have called for MAN instead.
  • Gear wear was using incorrect sideslip computation.
  • Rudder propwash force correction could end up taking reverse thrust into account, when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed missing pitot & static covers
  • Low-fuel instability wasn't powerful enough.
  • Fixed prop overspeed on reverse with slow forward motion.
  • Workaround for ReShade bug causing hang in its OpenGL hooks DLL.
  • ODB was missing minimum download speed clamp to abort if the download is slow.
  • Don't try removing the odb directory if it didn't exist to avoid a spurious error log message.
  • glutils drawing wasn't properly disabling vertex arrays, leading to potential crash.

To update to the latest version, download the updated installer on your X-Aviation account.

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