Threshold's New Video Series: Type Rating, is Cleared for Takeoff

Friday, April 24, 2020

Threshold is proud to announce our new video series: Type Rating with Pascal. Pascal has been in the streaming world for a number of years now going by the name hectopascal on Twitch and YouTube. But because of real-life events, he ceased regular streaming to better focus himself on what was most important: getting type-rated for the Airbus A320. Since then, he has only been able to periodically upload to his YouTube channel with videos on X-Plane, P3D and real-life VFR flying, a clear departure from the regular upload schedule he used to keep.

Though recently, Pascal, like many of us, has been stuck at home because of COVID-19, giving him a lot of free time. It became clear to him that he wanted to stream again but this time, add a personal twist.

Using his knowledge on the A320 FCOM, SOPs, and more, Pascal will be bringing to Threshold a new series called Type Rating. Type rating is aimed at sim pilots who want to bring their flying proficiency to the next level. In this series, we will be exploring the ins and outs of the Airbus A320 featuring FlightFactor’s A320 Ultimate. When the series concludes, our hope is that you will be capable of flying the A320 competently and effectively.

Pascal will be streaming for the first time today on Twitch at 1730z where he will be introducing himself to the Threshold audience and taking any questions before the video series officially launches in the next few days. If you miss the streams, don’t worry! They will be available on our YouTube Channel shortly after they air. We hope to see you in the comments section.

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