TDS Sim Software Releases GTNXi Pro with Full Navigraph Data Support for MSFS

TDS Sim Software has recently introduced the GTNXi Pro navigation suite for Microsoft Flight Simulator, featuring full compatibility with Navigraph’s navigation database and charts instead of only accepting the - rather expensive - official Garmin navdata. 

The developers claim there are no setbacks or limitations from using the Navigraph database instead, with the overall experience being indistinguishably similar. The main difference, though, is the pricing: while one can subscribe to Navigraph for as little as $27 (navdata only), Garmin’s subscription plan can easily go past the four-digit mark for the worldwide database ($1869/year for the database and charts), which can be a bit steep for flight simulation usage.

They have been developing this integration for two years, and it’s said to be their most challenging project yet. It’s the first time in history that a Garmin-trainer-based GTN was made compatible with Navigraph data. 

The feature set is the same as the standard GTNXi, delivering an authentic replica of the real GTN 750Xi/650Xi with advanced navigation features, great levels of customization per the real unit, and high-resolution displays with great clarity.

The Navigraph integration also features geo-referenced data where available, providing real-time aircraft positioning overlaid on the Jeppesen charts for extra situational awareness. Their data also allows for LPV (Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance) approaches, RF (radius-to-fix) legs, and much more. 

The GTNXi Pro subscription is available as an upgrade from the standard GTNXi for $26.95 or standalone for $70.15 on their official website.

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