TDM Scenery Design Releases A Coruña Airport for MSFS

January 22, 2021

Published by Aerosoft, TDM Scenery Design have released their latest airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, recreating A Coruña in northwest Spain.

A Coruña was created natively for Microsoft Flight Simulator according to the developer and features PBR materials and night lighting exclusive to this sim platform.

"The scenario has a detailed and realistic representation of the passenger terminal, all its buildings and hangars the marks, numbers and parking spaces are placed by hand according to real life," they said. "Signal boxes, navigation elements such as ILS antennas and CAT II system are modeled by hand."

The product page provided the following feature list:

  • The airport has a large number of land vehicles and work elements typical of Spanish airports and some exclusive to this airport
  • The airport terrain is hand built to make a more realistic representation of its elevations and the retaining walls that are found both at the head of the runway and on the sides
  • To make the approach to the airport more attractive, we have built customized buildings to populate the city like an old dismantled factory next to the Gadis supermarket and the buildings surrounding it
  • All along the approach to runway 21 we have the Mudanzas Coruña building right at the beginning of the lighting and approach towers of this same runway
  • A detailed representation of the seaport, its control tower, the San Antón Castle, its old hospital and the shopping center
  • It could not miss the Stadium of Deportivo La Coruña and the tower of Hercules
  • In a next update, we will include the Main Hospital of the City with its heliport, we will include more buildings of the seaport and the industrial train station next to the seaport, and we will also add the Roman bridge and some surprise details

To purchase, see the product page where the scenery is available for €14.95 EUR.

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