TDM Scenery Design Previews Santa Domingo Airport for X-Plane

March 31, 2021

Known in the community for their Microsoft Flight simulator development work, TDM Design has taken to their Facebook Page to announce the conversion of their Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport (SVSO) to X-Plane.

The Airport was initially released in October 2020 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and is located around 40 kilometres from the city of San Cristobal. TDM Scenery Design has focussed on the South American airport scene mostly, with the only exception being their Coruna Airport in Spain.

The developer’s roadmap shows future projects being planned, airports on this roadmap include airports such as Valencia, Alicante and Almeria.

The developer opened the post off by addressing their absence in updates on their page. They put the reasoning of this down to the practice they have been getting in developing for the X-Plane platform.

The developer went on to say:

“It has been a very hard [few] weeks but we are starting to get good results, proof of this are the images [Shown throughout the article]”.

TDM Design also noted that images of the airport shown were only provisional and a reference and do not reference the final product as “there is still a lot to be added and retouched”.

So far, no further details have been given in terms of a feature list, pricing or a date to expect release.

Threshold will be sure to keep you up to date with all developments with TDM Scenery Design’s projects.

To keep up with developments, check out the developer’s Facebook Page.

TDM Scenery Design’s airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator can be purchased on their web store.

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