TFDi Design Releases Large Update for PACX

October 14, 2020

TFDi Design Updates PACX to Version 1.1

The developer TFDi Design has released a sizable update to their PACX software with a number of additions, fixes and changes.

A few highlights of the additions include HUD support in Microsoft Flight Simulator, ability to map joystick and controller buttons, cabin view layout, and volume sliders for cabin announcements and boarding music.

TFDi Design gave details of this update towards the end of September but also included details of their MD-11 development and MSFS plans.

This is a list of what has changed in version of TFDi’s PACX:

  • [ADDED] Display of percent completion of in-flight service
  • [ADDED] Microsoft Flight Simulator information to first-time setup
  • [ADDED] Ability to map joystick/controller buttons
  • [ADDED] Cabin view layout
  • [ADDED] PACX HUD support for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS 2020)
  • [ADDED] Error message which is displayed if vocal recognition is unavailable
  • [ADDED] Volume sliders for cabin announcements, boarding music and cabin announcements
  • [FIXED] Inability to detect higher cruise altitudes
  • [FIXED] Voice recognition language requiring English (United States) as the priority language
  • [FIXED] Crash relating to empty name list
  • [FIXED] Passengers eating/drinking less than required
  • [FIXED] 0 byte record files causing PACX to crash
  • [FIXED] Possibility to have delays generated after landing
  • [FIXED] Remaining time counting down after landing
  • [FIXED] SimBrief importing using block time instead of air time
  • [FIXED] Most EU countries receiving unneeded customs announcements
  • [FIXED] Flight phase will now be logged on change
  • [FIXED] Window title of PACX being incorrectly displayed as "MainWindow"
  • [FIXED] Hotkeys/menus to avoid summoning vocal and interaction menus while not in a flight.
  • [FIXED] Deboarding ambient sound playing after flight completion
  • [FIXED] Inability to view pending flights before upload
  • [CHANGED] Successive point of interest and humorous public addresses unreasonably increasing satisfaction
  • [CHANGED] PACX is no longer the topmost window
  • [CHANGED] Autohide is now disabled by default
  • [CHANGED] Tweaked happiness benefit of point of interest and humorous public addresses
  • [CHANGED] In-flight service suspension now has a cooldown to prevent erroneous continuation
  • [CHANGED] Flights stuck in climb will automatically advance the flight phase to cruise
  • [CHANGED] PACX record files are now validated internally to attempt to repair/prevent errors automatically
  • [CHANGED] Revised hungry, thirsty and sleeping wording on the cabin view
  • [CHANGED] Simulator menu will now show "Show/Hide PACX" instead of "Show PACX"
  • [CHANGED] Sound devices and certain sound operations are now logged
  • [CHANGED] Improved hotkey detection

PACX has a price tag of US $29.99 and is available to buy through their website.

The product page also explains what PACX does and how it works, but essentially it injects a level of immersion into the cabin with the simulations of passengers, announcements, interactions and more.

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