Token Design Releases Vernon Regional Airport for MSFS

Token Design has recently released their rendition of Vernon Regional Airport (CYVK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a non-towered airport serving the city of Vernon, in Canada.

The origin of the airport dates back to the end of WW2 when Vernon relocated their airfield from the south of the city to the farmlands of Okanagan Landing, where it initially sported a single grass field that is half today’s length. For 20 years, the Vernon Flying Club was the sole tenant - with four aircraft - and responsible for paving the 1,200x12 runway with two inches of asphalt.

During the early 1950s, Vernon Regional got a hangar, which progressively increased the aircraft capacity and traffic at the airport, with up to eighty airplanes at one point, 20 years later down the road. Such extra traffic motivated a new runway expansion to 2,200 feet while keeping the same width. 

For over 18 years, the airport remained unchanged until the late 1980s when The Vernon Flying Club and the Tri-Lake Flight Centre financed the construction of a new runway. 

It’s an important airport in the region for skydivers, as it happens to be the only airport in the Okanagan Valley that allows it, given all commercial operators have to provide written consent to the skydiving company that desires to offer such service, which makes it rather unfeasible on bigger and busier airports.

The scenery features over 30 hand-modeled 3D buildings throughout the airport, an accurate replica of the main airport building terminal, the Okanagan College Aerospace Campus hangar, a custom runway with correct aprons & night lighting, multiple static aircraft parked at the right areas, hand-modeled & textured fuel tanks, custom taxiway signs, 4K high-detail PBR textures, and the CYVK rose compass texture on the ground.

It’s available on SimMarket for roughly $10.25, requiring at least 198.61 MB of free hard disk space to install.

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