TFDi Releases MD-11 Trailer

TFDi, a development group well-known for their products such as B717 and PACX, have just released the trailer for the long-awaited MD-11. Unveiled yesterday on TFDi’s YouTube channel, it showcased the progress through years of development, with an interesting song choice in the background. 

The trailer previewed mostly internal and external visuals, unfortunately, we couldn’t hear any sounds. We could see that significant effort has been made by the developer team in modelling and texturing.

At the very end of the video, we could see the release date - 2nd July! TFDi’s MD-11 Base Pack will cost $69.99 (cargo or passenger), while the Expansion pack (conveniently named The One You Did Not Purchase Already), is priced at $9.99. Later in 2024, the Extended Simulation Package will also be available for purchase. The package will include operational failures, an advanced custom failures menu, and circuit breaker functionality.

The MD-11 will be compatible with MSFS, P3Dv4/v5/v6, although support for MSFS2024 still hasn’t been officially confirmed until the developers receive more information about the upcoming simulator.

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