TFDi Design Updates PACX to v0.9.9.0

Sam Clark
Thursday, October 3, 2019

Passenger simulation addon PACX has been updated to v0.9.9.0, courtesy of the developers at TFDi Design. The aim was to get PACX's ninth post-release update completed before Flight Sim Show in Cosford, which is on this weekend.

In a post on the group's forum, developer Josh Riley runs through the changes, which include a much awaited career mode function, custom awards, records and the PACXBridgeXP, which essentially allows for PACX to display messages similar to the fashion seen in its ESP-platform cousin.

Career mode, being one of the most significant additions in this update, brings the ability to run your own virtual airline, working your way through the ranks from junior first officer to taking the helm of a 747. 'Hardcore' career mode is also available, though the developer warns a single crash will be enough to end this particular pathway.

The full changelog, which includes bug fixes and other changes, is available below:

  • Career mode
  • Awards system
  • Integrated records system
  • Flight-specific sounds (flight numbers, destinations, time, temperature, etc.)
  • In-sim menu and in-sim message support to X-Plane 10 and 11 via PACXBridgeXP
  • Crash detection and appropriate logic
  • Ability to display certain messages from PACX inside the simulator
  • Option to enable/disable filter (PA) effect on custom audio files
  • Fokker 50, 70, and 100 to the aircraft database
  • LTFM to the airport database
  • Default boarding music
  • An issue that could cause unreliable network communication with PACX
  • Capitalization of certain notable events
  • An issue that could cause directories to only partially copy
  • An issue that could cause passenger counts not to be loaded from the FlightConfiguration.xml file
  • Boarding complete is always announced
  • Refined UI
  • Made incidents moderately more likely
  • The START button is now a MENU button
  • Audio delays are better handled for boarding complete and cabin ready announcements

You can purchase TFDi Design's PACX for $29.99 USD from the brand's web store here.

To learn more about PACX, see a previous article on the topic.

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