TFDI Design Publishes Spring 2022 Update

Known developer for PACX and smartCARS, TFDI Design has published a Spring 2022 development update on their forums page. This update covers the continuous progress on their rendition of the MD-11, alongside developments for PACX, smartCARS 3, and updates for their sister company JetStream Radio.


The team touched base that further modeling and texture work has continued along with progress on the systems and auto flight systems. Various engine variations have begun development with the PW Engine variant. The team expects to make great progress in the coming months.


At the beginning of the update, the team addressed PACX’s latest update and its successes. Features like an IFE that tracks your flight, lets you access JetStream radio, and more were added to help add to the overall experience of the application.

smartCARS 3:

The team for the upcoming smartCARS 3 programs has begun finalizing the UI and adding more accessibility to virtual airlines that want to tailor to their pilots, in their own communities. It will improve the overall dynamic of the widely used program.

JetStream Radio:

In this section, it was addressed that the radio station is now “front and center” in the PACX IFE. With also the announcement of launching a new station to include a catalog of music from the 90s to now.

If you would like to read the update in its entirety, you can visit the TFDI forums for more information.

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