Just Flight Updates Traffic Global to v1.0.9454

June 30, 2020

Traffic Global, the plugin by Just Flight that adds "high-quality animated AI aircraft models in authentic airline liveries and with full 3D sound and lighting and effects," received a large update yesterday.

The changelog, posted in the support section of their website, contains 171 changes in total alongside information about X-Plane version compatibility and some known issues. As the changelog is so long, we shan't list the changes here, but you can still opt to view the full list of changes here.

The latest update is compatible with X-Plane 11.41 and all beta versions of X-Plane 11.50, in both Vulkan and Metal. Traffic Global is also compatible with the following other plugins: 124thATC, A-Better-Camera, Autogate, AviTab, BetterPushback, JoinFS, Gizmo64, SAM, TerrainRadar, xEnviro, ActiveSky XP*, X-ATC-Chatter, X-Camera*, XPForce.

Moreover, a couple of known problems were listed, which included external weather engines needing time to set weather upon loading, custom views not responding correctly in VR, and stuttering when loading textures for the first time.

In terms of the changes in this update, the changes can be regarded as a mixed bag of additions, improvements, and bug fixes, with no outstanding major pointers.

For more news and products from Just Flight, check out their website here.

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