Threshold Newsletter going live

The first-ever Threshold Newsletter is now live! Our new monthly newsletter is here to stay, and we'll provide you with a roundup of all the biggest flight simulation news, as well as the editorial of the month. You can find the April newsletter on our website and sign up now to receive future newsletters.

2024 has been an outstanding year for us at Threshold, as we have been committed to delivering the highest quality content to you. Our team has written a remarkable 223 news articles and 18 full-length articles, covering a diverse range of topics and providing valuable insights to our audience. We are proud to have achieved a new record this year, and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional content to our readers in the future.

The Newsletter will evolve over time and we encourage you to give us feedback in our Discord on how what you would like to see published. This is new to us too =)

The entire team at Threshold would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has joined us on our journey thus far. We hope that this newsletter will continue to help us grow and remain a go-to destination in our community. Thank you!

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