Thranda Announces Cessna 172M for X-Plane 12

Thranda has recently announced the development and imminent release of a Cessna 172M for X-Plane 12, part of their Dynamic Generation Series of aircraft, with a strong focus on realism and customizability.

The 172M is a variant of Cessna’s long-lasting 172 family of aircraft, introduced in 1955 and still under production to this day, with 44,000 units built in total, making it the most popular aircraft in the world. Said variant dates back to 1973, featuring a drooped wing leading edge as its main design difference compared to the previous variants, and the 1974 model had a baggage compartment expansion. Every model year brought a subtle change, with the lettering changing every four years on average (the M variant was manufactured from 1973 to 1976). For example, the L variant from 1971-1972 had changes on the main gear, a dorsal fin extension, and a propeller diameter reduction. 

The last generation of 172Ms from 1976 marked the end of airspeed registration in miles per hour, switching to knots per the new standard. It was also the last generation to sport the Lycoming O-320-E2D with 150 horsepower, as the 172N had the “infamous” O-320-H2AD with 160 horsepower. 

Thranda’s rendition features extremely high-resolution textures (1700 pixels per meter) in 8K, a fully configurable 3D instrument panel, VR compatibility, interchangeable yoke styles, over 50 instruments to choose from, liberty to move instruments to any location on the panel, four panel presets, 3D lighting, a dynamic livery editor, full PBR control for livery creators, adjustable wear and tear, windshield ice and rain effects, individual functional circuit breakers, and more.

The complete feature list can be found here on their X-Plane.Org Store placeholder (as the product isn’t out at the time of writing).

The add-on will be available for $29.95 (25% off) and will require 1.4 GB of hard disk space to install. 

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