Pyreegue Dev. Co. Releases Tivat for MSFS

September 8, 2020

Montenegro's Tivat Airport is the next to receive a quality rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator, courtesy of X-Plane developer Pyreegue Dev. Co.

A conversion of their 2019 scenery for Laminar's sim, Tivat was the group's first addon before moving on to the popular Airport Layout Enhancement Solution pack for further success.

The product page reads: "Nestled between the mountains of coastal Montenegro, Tivat Airport poses a unique challenge to pilots up for the circling approach into runway 14. Runway 32 offers a great challenge, too. One of the best places to practice your piloting skills is now available in great quality for the newest generation of flight simulators - Microsoft Flight Simulator.

"Latest layout of the airport is depicted in the scenery featuring all the changes that have been made recently to the airport. The scenery also features terminal interiors, control tower interior, surrounding buildings and landmarks for VFR eye candy."

The new version will cost just 12.80 EUR excluding taxes, making it ever-so-slightly cheaper than the X-Plane version, which retails for the equivalent of 13.57 EUR. Existing users of the X-Plane counterpart can purchase the scenery for 8.00 EUR.

You can purchase Pyreegue Dev. Co.'s Tivat for Microsoft Flight Simulator here.

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