ToLiss Updates Airbus A321 to Version 1.3

June 2, 2021

Following the release of a similar update to their A319 at the end of May, ToLiss has published the highly anticipated update for their uber-popular A321. 

The update, sharing a large number of changes and new features as the A319 V1.6 update, brings a few A321 exclusive features, in particular for the NEO addon, such as support for SBAS LPV approaches.

Next on ToLiss’ roadmap is their upcoming A340-600, slated for release in the second half of 2021, according to the Store’s Upcoming Products Page. The modelling for the new aircraft is being done by a new 3D design company Ekran Design.

Here’s the full changelog for the ToLiss A321 V1.3:

Major new features:

  • Pilot item database allowing the creation and storage of custom waypoints, including associated page reconfigurations on DIR TO, FPLN, RAD NAV page etc.
  • Bleed system upgrade to a quantitative bleed model affecting fuel consumption and take-off thrust
  • Support for LDA, IGS, Localizer Backcourse and GLS approaches
  • Complete rework of the PERF pages to add EO mode information as well as climb/descent predictions to a given altitude
  • Rework of the PROG page to include EO mode information including indication of OEI gross ceiling and predictive GPS function

A321NEO specific new features:

  • New NEO feature: Support for SBAS (SLS) LPV approaches
  • New NEO feature: FLS PFD indication scales and autopilot modes for non-precision approaches
  • New NEO feature: IRS INIT page adapted to the latest standard for aircraft with the simplified ADIRS overhead panel

Minor new features:

  • When flying the IAE engine, the EWD now properly supports revision to N1 Mode
  • TO performance calculator also determines whether packs need to be ON or OFF for the take-off.
  • Complete redo of the SD pages ENG, BLEED, PRESS, and F/CTL for better representational accuracy
  • FPLN page rework: Constraints are now shown prior to filing the INIT B page.
  • FPLN page additional information: The Final approach slope is now shown
  • Improved the lateral-directional handling qualities in manual flight
  • Changes to altitude and speed constraints of the active flight plan create a TEMPY flight plan.
  • Added RAT and outflow valve to the external 3d model
  • ISI popup is now also scalable

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected PFD speed bug location during Go Around
  • Prevented waypoint sequencing when flying in HDG mode in the opposite direction of FMS path at current TO waypoint
  • Fixed ILS indication location on PFD
  • Improved AP vertical target tracking when flying with high Angles of Attack
  • Fine-tuning of the graphical representation in the EWD.
  • Speed target for flap 3 landings is back to VAPP
  • Waypoints can now be added at end of FPLN directly on the FPLN A page.
  • Fixed issues with ground rolling and flap extension sounds
  • Preventing engagement of both APs for a non-precision approach.

Various small bug fixes:

  • Fixed ground spoiler activation logic when deploying reversers
  • Improved the Dome lighting at night
  • When reloading a situation faults are now correctly reinstated or reset
  • Added triple-click when the V/S protection mode engages
  • Fixed A/THR arming logic for OEI Go around
  • Fixed issues with the fault injection logics, when the ISCS remains on the fault injection page
  • Improved functionality of the fault injection datarefs
  • Improved NavAid Autotuning.
  • Improved EGT computations to consider random sensor offset and effect of bleed and electric power use
  • Jump to waypoint now advances the Chronos as well as x-planes time
  • ISCS text entry boxes now display a cursor
  • ISCS dropdown lists are now constrained to remain within the ISCS window
  • Changes to the Autosave algorithm to make it less susceptible to crashes.
  • Fixed excessive ground friction when landing with alternate braking or AntiSkid disabled

The ToLiss A321 is available for purchase from the Store for $79.00. The NEO Addon for the ToLiss A321 is also available for $29.95, although the main aircraft must be purchased before the NEO addon.

On the fence about buying the A321? Watch the Threshold Review of the aircraft on our YouTube Channel.

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