TOGA Simulations Release Roadmap for 737 and MU-2

March 5, 2023

Toga simulations (also known as IXEG) are responsible for the IXEG 737 Classic and the Mitsubishi MU-2 for the Xplane platform. Since the release of Xplane 12, many have been keen to find out what the future of these two aircraft would hold. 

In a recent development update posted on the X-Pilot Forums, developer Tkyler has explained that the group will unfortunately not reach their previously intended date of March 8th for the IXEG to come to XP12. But has assured eager pilots that work is progressing at “Full Bore” Tkyler has also informed those interested to expect a more informational update in the coming week. 

The following roadmap has been provided by the team: 

“The roadmap for myself (being both IXEG and TOGA) is to get this port update out, then I'll binge the MU2 for 4-ish weeks, getting it refined for V12 and then take a deep breath/short break and dive into the FMS / VNAV functionality of the 733 while also seeking out other areas to improve throughout the remainder of the year” 

It surely seems like an exciting future is on the horizon for both of these much-loved aircraft, Threshold will keep you updated as it progresses! 

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