Heatblur has provided some updates regarding the highly anticipated F-14 Tomcat.

Heatblur Simulations has recently shared a brief update regarding the development progress of the F-14 Tomcat for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to Heatblur, the alpha testing phase commenced last month in collaboration with Indiafoxtang, and the beta testing phase is progressing rapidly. This promising development indicates the Tomcat is drawing closer to its anticipated release.

Heatblur has dedicated their decades of research and Tomcat expertise to the MSFS version, building on its successful par with the F14 in DCS. The team acknowledges that the MSFS simulation engine presents unique challenges but remains ahead of the curve with their partnership with IFE. Additionally, they have not forgotten about their DCS users and have included many new details, including artwork and boarding ladders, that will be incorporated into the DCS F-14. Overall, the progress of the F-14 Tomcat for Microsoft Flight Simulator looks very promising, and Heatblur Simulations continues to demonstrate its commitment to the progression of simulating the F-14 Tomcat!

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