Indiafoxtecho Releases Tornado for MSFS

Indiafoxtecho has recently released its latest aircraft, the Tornado, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This plane is a long-range, supersonic fighter-bomber, which made its first flight in 1974. Since then, it has been operated by numerous operators and is still in use by many today.

The Tornado is a military aircraft manufactured by Panavia Aircraft GmbH. Its maiden flight took place in West Germany in 1974, where it was first used by the German Air Force. In total, the German Air Force received 247 Tornadoes, while the German Navy received 112. The aircraft has been operated by several countries, including the Italian Air Force, Royal Air Force, and Royal Saudi Air Force. Despite being an older model, the Tornado remains popular among aviation enthusiasts and is still used by some air forces today.

The aircraft has been recently released and comes with a detailed visual model, multiple liveries, a realistic flight model, a detailed system simulation, a realistic sound package, and many more features.

The add-on requires 2.23GB of storage space and is available on SimMarket for approximately $31.94.

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