Toliss Releases Major Update for A340-600

Toliss have been hard at work to release their newest update on the A340-600 that most people have been waiting for. We can now see a completion of their EFB, CPDLC has been introduced and now has native support for Mac M1 users.

Version 1.2 of the Toliss A340 contains lots of new features to enhance the user’s experience when flying in the sim such as being able to communicate to Air Traffic Controllers via the Hoppie Network and also to calculate accurate performance data for takeoff and landing using their newly updated EFB. On the EFB, you will see an interactive checklist that you can customize to your liking by changing the XML files. You will also see that you can obtain a METAR through the EFB for any user-selectable airport. A new feature that Toliss has worked on is the compatibility for Mac users by adding M1 chip support to allow for better performance when using the aircraft.

A full changelog for Version 1.2 can be seen below:

Major new features:

- EFB TO performance calculator for detailed TO performance calculation considering Anti Ice, Packs, etc.

- EFB LDG performance calculator including METAR retrieval (X-plane 11 and X-plane 12 built-in weather) for user-selectable airport

- EFB interactive checklist page with user-customizable checklists via xml files.

- CPDLC integration based on the Hoppie network

- Native M1 support on Mac OS.


Minor new features:

- Added icing model to our custom engine model

- Added option to always use the simbrief wind data for wind requests (independent of x-plane WX setting)

- Texture improvements

- Added pilot models in external view


Bug fixes:

- Fixed chocks logic for start with engines running

- Improved anti-ice operation in XP12

- Selecting an RNP value of 0.3NM or less with an RNAV approach will make it an RNP-AR approach

- Improved glide slope capture behaviour

- Improvements to Direct To function with abeam points

- Fixed decals on rear doors

- Fixed kink in passenger window frame on left side of mid fuselage

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