Aerosoft Publishes Trailer for Upcoming Reggio Calabria Scenery for X-Plane

August 7, 2020

Trailer Producer XApron has release the official trailer for Aerosoft published Tailstrike Design's upcoming scenery for X-Plane: Reggio Calabria professional. Originally developed for the ESP platform, users can fly to "the toe" of the Iltalian Peninsula and discover a full fledged city scenery. The city, named after Italian Royal Air Force war-hero Tito Minniti, was born in Reggio Calabria.

The scenery is developed by Tailstrike Designs, first announced for X-Plane back in April, the last word of the scenery was back at the beginning of July, with further previews of the scenery. though no further information was posted until today. The developing team has announced that the scenery was already at a beta-testing stage back near the end of June.

Reggio Calabria compes equipped with the usual standard issue, all airport buildings and facilities are modelled in detail, with the surrounding cityscape has modelled with customized autogen.

Accoridng to the video description, the scenery will soon be available through three stores: Simmarket, store, and Aerosoft's own store. Tailstrike Designs is available to follow on Facebook.

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