TorqueSim Pushes New BN-2 Islander Update 1.1.1

July 21, 2020

A short but noteworthy update for those island hoppers, users flying TorqueSim's BN-2 Islander are welcomed to another update that fixes a variety of bugs, bringing the version number to v1.1.1. To install, users are required to download a separate installer and then re-install the aircraft.

TorqueSim | BN-2 Islander

The update introduces door control options on the menu bar along with texture refinements. Here is the full list of features from their announcement page:

Improvements / New Features:

  • [IS-367] – Add door open/close to menu bar
  • [IS-372] – Rebake gauges_LIT.png in 2k to match ALB textures

Bug Fixes:

  • [IS-364] – Typo in the cruise fuel flow charts, first row: 23.5 should be 33.5
  • [IS-365] – Possible texture or UV artifact on the prop governors
  • [IS-366] – Roll index markings on AI
  • [IS-368] – 3D modelled bolts on nose fairing missing on one side only.
  • [IS-369] – Door latch animation linked to AviTab
  • [IS-370] – Glareshield 3d extends beyond fuselage
  • [IS-371] – Carb heat keybinding gives different result than mouse manipulator
  • [IS-373] – NAV flag texture mapping bug
TorqueSim's BN-2 Islander is now available – Stormbirds

"To Update: Download your installer here and re-install!"

Read the original update post.

Many thanks to Bjørnar on our Discord for the news scoop.

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