Turbulent Designs Announces Exit from Flight Simulation

May 5, 2020

Taking to the group's forum, Turbulent Designs' co-founder Russel Linn has announced that the company will be departing the simulation industry after seven years of support.

According to Linn, the aviation side of things is actually a small part of their business, so the company is restructuring to focus on larger projects which don't deal with aviation or flight simulation.

"It has truly been an amazing ride, and we have made many friendships and partnerships over the years that we value greatly... You never know, we may meet again", he says.

The next topic addressed concerns Turbulent Designs' other co-founder, Greg Jones. Today's announcement confirms Jones will be splitting with the company in order to remain in the flight simulation market with his new employer, Orbx.

Version two of their Prepar3D product TerraFlora is also mentioned, which will apparently be released soon on the OrbxDirect platform. As yet, there's no news on whether the X-Plane version of TerraFlora will receive the same treatment. Learn more about TerraFlora for X-Plane in Threshold's review of the product.

Lastly, Linn addresses support for their current products. All of their current line will be following co-founder Jones to Orbx, where purchases and technical support will be handled in a manner "that you deserve" he says.

Two of their airports for X-Plane will require license migration as they're not on OrbxDirect at this time: Idaho Falls (KIDA) and MBS Airport (KMBS). Using the license received upon your initial purchase, customers will be able to move their products onto Orbx's platform once the products in question appear on OrbxDirect.

"If you have any technical issues regarding an airport you have purchased, please hold for the release of the airport on Orbx Direct, as these issues will most likely have been resolved by then", Linn says.

License keys can be found on Turbulent Designs' account page on their website. Alternatively, see the source post for this article on the company's forum.

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