PMDG Updates Universal Flight Tablet for MSFS

PMDG recently issued a new update to their 737 lineup for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including a series of fixes and improvements, as disclosed in their previous development update. 

Update 3.00.0085 brings the Universal Flight Tablet to version 1.4.0, with the main highlight being the tablet’s ability to pick up changes made on the FMS, always showing an up-to-date flight path. The complete changelog follows below:

0012645: [EFB - General] Tablet map should pick up changes made on the FMS (rmurdoch)

0012692: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Landing Dispatch Data should be imported into Landing Enroute fields (cbpowell)

0012775: [EFB - General] Tablet namespacing still not working correctly (rmurdoch)

0012551: [EFB - General] Need Handling of Reroutes & Diversions (cbpowell)

0012475: [EFB - Simbrief] CO RTE field not showing CO RTE name (cbpowell)

0012771: [FMS - Initialization] Two click SimBrief integration of RTE/PAYLOAD/FUEL/PERF INIT loading into FMC (emvaos)

0012722: [EFB - General] Metars stop functioning between 0000z and 0100z (rmurdoch)

0012788: [EFB - General] PMDG map tiles names are fuzzy (rmurdoch)

0012777: [EFB - General] Fully convert to JSON for tablet-plane comms (rmurdoch)

0012782: [EFB - General] UFT 1.2 "New route loaded" message appears too often (rmurdoch)

0012783: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Arrival Airport Calls for Runway, not ICAO code. (cbpowell)

0012792: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Imported Flight plan times do not match Simbrief (cbpowell)

0012698: [EFB - General] Make all wind fields, changeable units (rmurdoch)

0012609: [EFB - General] Charts app, should fullscreen in the same way as maps app does (rmurdoch)

0012665: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Calculate button shows loading circle in case of Calculation error message appears (rmurdoch)

0012721: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Weather Import INOP (rmurdoch)​

It’s currently only available for customers, with the Marketplace update to follow later. Update 3.00.082 is on its way to the Marketplace and is scheduled to release this Thursday (Nov 30). 

They have also announced the arrival of a new update for the UFT coming early next week, with cleanups and quick fixes. It’s part of their “3 and 1” cycle, where they take three weeks to push major change updates, followed by a week of stability/correction builds. 

The UFT is still not working on Xbox, and they are waiting for guidance from Asobo on how to address it. 

PMDG also warned SimBrief users always to select an airline and flight number for their flight plan, or else it causes the airplane to fail upon importing the flight plan.

PMDG’s product lineup is available on their website, with prices ranging from $34.99 to $69.99.

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