The return of the beloved Falcon series!

The return of a classic, MicroProse announces, Falcon 5.0 after requiring the Falcon brand.

Recently, MicroProse announced the successor to the Falcon series, Falcon 5.0. The Falcon series was one of the most sophisticated combat simulators of its time. Falcon 4.0 was released over 25 years ago and focused on a detailed, accurate simulation of the F-16 Falcon. Some rated it as close to 90% system accuracy. MicroProse was ahead of its time by coding the complexity of the "Vipers" flight systems, avionics, flight characteristics, and PvE AI combat. The simulator campaign is based on a South Korean/North Korean conflict with allied forces such as the United States providing military support and aiding South Korean defenses against invading North Korean aggression. You take on the role of a Viper Pilot under the United States Air Force. You are tasked with air-to-ground bombing runs, holding air space superiority, and more.

Ahead of its time!

Starting with training, learn the nitty-gritty of jet combat and F16-specific combat maneuvers amidst dogfight scenarios. Learn armed tactics, weapon behaviors, and characteristics through 30 training missions. I wouldn't skip over them! Ahead of its time was a pilot rating system based on detailed kill reports and kill quality. The player's kills and actions directly affect the path of the game as well. In addition, Falcon 4.0 supported online multiplayer PVP dogfights, incredible for its time. Falcon 4.0 claimed some of the best reviews of any combat flight simulator for its time. The simulator reaches back to 1987, with Falcon 4.0 Allied Force as the most recent iteration. June 2005.

Allied Force released June 2005

Hopefully, MicroProse will give us that ringed flight ops manual.

They don't make them like this anymore.


“We are thrilled to continue the Falcon franchise with new products in the future, building on the legacy of this iconic series.”

PC-Pilot Magazine's Derek Davis interviews David Laettie of MicroProse covering the push and goal to get Micropose back into Flight Simulation. The interview has exclusive screenshots of a new aircraft addition to the Viper's simulation. Derek Davis also inquired about other flight simulation projects during the interview. Access to the article and exclusive cockpit shots of both aircraft can be viewed on PC-Pilot with a subscription.

Falcon BMS

Falcon is still alive at the hands of Benchmark Sims Team akaBMS . BMS has worked to keep the title current with today's technology and modern software capabilities. MicroProse thanked the team for keeping the simulation alive through the years. It looks like an exciting acknowledgment and upcoming teamwork to bring the best out of Falcon 5! Benchmark Sims Team announced on Twitter that they have resolved the intellectual property subject with Falcon 4.0 and will continue development with minimal disruption. A highlighted version of the contractual agreement can be found on BMS's forum post.

We also want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible work that the Benchmark Sims team has done with their BMS mod for Falcon 4.0. We recognize the passion and dedication that they have brought to the Falcon community, and we are committed to fully supporting their efforts in any way possible.
With Micro Prose’s support, there is no end in sight for the work of the BMS Team. The future of the Falcon franchise looks bright, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon!

MicroProse has the entire “Falcon Collection” on Steam for USD $9.99

Falcon 5.0 is expected to be on the markets before the holiday season.

Stay tuned and expect more from Threshold for more information covering this evolving project!

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