UK2000 Releases Bournemouth Xtreme

Simon Klaassen
Saturday, April 13, 2019

Uk2000 has announced on their Facebook page that Bournemouth airport is available for X-Plane. The airport is located in the south of Great Britain, opened in 1941 as RAF Hurnbut but transferred to civil aviation in 1944. The airport served as Britain's international airport till Heathrow started operations. Bournemouth now serves mostly Ryanair and Tui. With over half a million passengers last year, Bournemouth Xtreme by UK2000 is now available and will feature:

-Custom Light fix's and halo's.
-Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are -selecting in the UI.
-Ground routes for AI
-Physical Based Rendering
-Specular lighting
-Ground Traffic

On top of the pre-conversion features:

-Full detail Buildings
-Realistic Ground Markings
-Hi Res ground image
-UK Runway markings
-Stunning Night Effects
-3D Approach Lights
-Dozens of Airport Vehicles
-Excellent Frame Rates
-Runway Wigwags
-Full set of signs
-Grass edge effects

The airport can be purchased for £16.99 from the UK2000 website, you can also find the original facebook post here.

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