UK2000 Scenery Announces London City Airport for MSFS

UK2000 Scenery has recently announced their rendition of London City Airport (EGLC) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the fifth busiest airport in London with a yearly average of 5 million passengers.

First proposed in 1981, the airport only came to be in 1987, after years of bureaucratic slowdowns. Work didn’t start until 1986 when they got the permission to begin constructing.

For the first couple of years of operation, the airport only had a 1,080-meter-long runway with a 7.5-degree glide path slope, limiting it to a select range of aircraft like the Dash 7 and the Dornier 228. It wasn’t long until the airport submitted a request to extend the runway, making the glide path slightly less steep and thus allowing for an increased aircraft variety.

Approval for the extension came in 1992, making the runway reach its current 1,508 meters of length, and the glide path was slightly reduced from 7.5 to 5.5, allowing even more aircraft to operate at the airport.

The airport is mainly served by British Airways, with many intra-European destinations such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Zürich. The visitors’ list includes ITA Airways, KLM, Loganair, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Luxair, and Swiss International Air Lines.

The scenery will feature an accurate rendition of the airport, with custom ground markings, a high-detail depiction of the airport terminal and its interior, landside details, custom ground clutter, and 3D people.

It will be available on Tuesday (May 4th) for roughly $18.85 (14.99 pounds).
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