Major Update To Global AI Ship Traffic For MSFS Released

December 31, 2022

Henrik Nielsen, the creator of a popular freeware utility add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has released a major update for the product. The update, which brings the add-on to version 3.0, significantly improves the realism of the virtual world in the flight simulator by adding a wide variety of ships, boats, and ferries with realistic 3D models and authentic routes.

One of the key features of the update is the addition of more than 400 new ship models from around the globe, including cruise ships, fishing boats, container ships, oil and gas tankers, and ferries. This brings the total number of unique ship models to almost 900, with a total of over 1,800 ships including repaints. The update also expands the coverage of ship routes, increasing traffic density in different regions.

In addition to the new ship models, the update includes more than 100 new ferry routes and the ability to witness real-world naval exercises featuring ships from various countries. These exercises, which include full-scale NATO landing exercises on the West Coast of the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark and similar exercises by the Brazilian and Chinese navies in their respective areas, add a level of realism and immersion to the virtual world.

Other features and improvements in the update include light, smoke, and wake effects on all ship models, as well as dynamic sounds for each type of ship model. The update is compatible with the latest sim update and has a minimal impact on performance, depending on the density of ship models in a given region.

The download size is approximately 2.2 GB, with an installation size of 5.6 GB. To learn more about the update and how to download and install it, visit the Global AI Ship Traffic MSFS GAIST Ultra V3 page at

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