737 Ultimate team uploads 737-900 Pre-Release 1810

Peter Tram
Sunday, September 30, 2018

A lovely surprise for folks flying the 737-900 from the Ultimate project, the team has released a rough draft of their upcoming version of the plane, as a “Pre-Release”. The update is essentially the same as the latest Zibo-mod 737-800. New seats and new seat texture mapping and PBR. In addition, there’s a proof of concept lighting system and settings saving.

There are a lot of things that the team is still in the middle of developing (or bringing back in after they had to take out), such as the customizable lighting system which the team needs to finish coding the controls in the EFB, and the "save per livery" feature that saves your settings with the livery and loads them on loading the livery.

Ollie, who has been leading the team has not been able to update the manual, and the lengthy list of changes and the paintkit, which now includes new objects and textures.

It will be rough and raw and no manual to help you along. This is only for those prepared to suffer in the name of science ;)

IMPORTANT!! This is only a Pre-Release and there are known issues still to be fixed both in systems and in mapping. If you want the latest stable release of this AC then use the older version

For those who wants to experiment and test the latest features, be sure to download the copy here: LINK

For support on your adventures with the plane, be sure to drop here for a consultation with the doctors: LINK

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